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Environmental Destruction Costs Us $2-5 Trillion in Capital Annually. Time to Change our Bottom Lines for the Better

Ignoring environmental destruction as businesses costs us a global net loss of $1.9-4.5 trillion in capital per year. What better way to change your bottom line?? Advertisements

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Better, Faster, Stronger? MIT Study Reveals Alarming Resource & Energy Inefficiency in Modern Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing methods are spectacularly inefficient in their use of energy and materials, according to a MIT research study of the energy use of 20 major manufacturing processes. “The seemingly … Continue reading

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Nike, Salesforce, Yahoo, IDEO and Others Share IP for Sustainability

Nike recently partnered with Salesforce, Yahoo, Best Buy, Creative Commons, IDEO, Mountain Equipment Co-Op and others to form the GreenXchange, a web-based marketplace that will allow companies to collaborate and … Continue reading

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Google To Cut off China Following Security Hack

Google is potentially cutting off all business with China after the government had ‘Chinese dissident’ Google accounts attacked. “These attacks and the surveillance they have uncovered–combined with the attempts over … Continue reading

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Underground Data Center Heats Helskinki This Winter

Google claims to have the world’s most efficient data centers, yet just one of their hundreds of centers uses enough energy to power over forty thousand US homes. Finland just … Continue reading

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Armed conflict on the rise with global temperature increases

A team of researchers from Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, and New York University just released the first qualitative study linking climate change and the risk of civil conflict. Global temperature increases … Continue reading

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International Energy Agency admits inflated oil statistics under pressure from US oil lobby groups

The International Energy Agency, one of the last few credible resources for reliable global energy statistics, revealed Monday that it has been inflating oil statistics under pressure from US oil … Continue reading

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