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Salvaged waste never looked so good

Dan Phillips is spreading beauty throughout the southern US with his low-income housing, hand-crafted from salvaged building materials. Employing a small staff of minimum-wage employees, Phillips requires his soon-to-be-homeowner to participate in building the house itself. “I think it’s in everyone’s DNA to want to be a builder.”, claims Phillips. The pride and skills learned in the building process ensures that his works of art are well-kept, functional, and meaningful to its owner. His East Texas-based construction company, Phoenix Commotion, perceives any piece of waste as a potential building material. This mindset has led to gorgeously crafted houses built with crushed glass bottles, dishware and mirror shards, and the creative re-use of everything from wine corks to scrap metal. A great read to feed dreams of self-built home ownership without the usual outrageous associated costs.



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