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Top Financial Performers also Sustainability Leaders: New ATKearney Study

New study released by ATKearney tracks top performers in the midst of the financial crisis. The winners? Companies committed to sustainability. Just another incentive for professionals to reconsider cutting that sustainability department in the midst of budget cuts. Full report can be downloaded here.

As companies cut costs to get through the current global economic slowdown, there is often a temptation to abandon recent forays into sustainability. Yet a new A.T. Kearney analysis finds that companies committed to corporate sustainability practices during this slowdown are achieving above-average performance in the financial markets during this slowdown. So before tossing out those sustainability practices and initiatives, it might be wise to first determine the real value of the efforts, especially the possible rewards for staying the course.”


2 comments on “Top Financial Performers also Sustainability Leaders: New ATKearney Study

  1. Timbo
    February 17, 2009

    Woot woot!! Turns out adaptability is a good thing 🙂 Let’s hope these trends keep up!

  2. A. Winter
    February 17, 2009


    I thought the largest profit of all times was still from Exxon, which is definatly not “green”…

    I am greenwash-paranoid!

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