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Generation Innovation

The Innovation Network for Communities published an excellent paper on creating an ‘innovation culture’ within your community, company or organization. As an organization’s culture is a function of both social capital and the networks connecting its members, it ideally emerges organically from personal relationships, shared values and worldviews. But not all organizational culture is necessarily supportive of innovation. What are the key characteristics of an ‘innovation culture’? INC includes the following:

• A tendency to “scan the horizon” for key trends that will affect the community, positively or negatively
• A sense of urgency and excitement about the need to change
• Civic pride in being a “leader” and an “innovator”
• A shared sense of group identity
• A commitment to inclusion and the breaking down of barriers created by race and class
• A willingness to take risks and a tolerance for failure, as long as it creates authentic learning
• A long-term view and willingness to think in terms of decades
• A sense of curiosity and exploration; seeing challenge as opportunity
• A culture of both collaboration and competition


One comment on “Generation Innovation

  1. Ian Cable
    July 19, 2008

    I think these characteristics match really well with those Thomas Homer-Dixon identifies for a resilient society in The Ingenuity Gap.

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