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Leadership Mindset & Sustainability Success

Article by Joel Makower (Green Order, Clean Edge & Greener World Media), author of Beyond the Bottom Line, from Clean Tech Collective.


What is the stuff from which sustainability leaders are made?

It’s a question that applies to individuals and organizations alike, and can be vexing for both. When one scans the landscape of companies seen to be sustainability leaders, questions quickly emerge: What do they have in common? How did they get there? What was the role of their leadership team, and of everyone below them, in achieving sustainability success?

And, perhaps most important: How successful, sustainability-wise, are these leadership companies? Do they stand a chance of “moving the needle” toward a more sustainable world, or are they simply tinkering at the margins?

A fascinating new study seeks to address such questions, and its findings underscore the challenges that face most companies seeking to demonstrate leadership in the sustainability arena. Link


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