Future-Forward: Innovations for a world that does not yet exist

Bangladesh, Grow Up: Gov vs. Grameen Bank

An Attack on Grameen Bank and the Cause of Women Advertisements

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New Study: US Congress Is Dumbing Down

The Sunlight Foundation did a speech analysis of Congressional hearings/debates and surprise surprise, we’re having less intelligent conversations than we used to. Our existing Congress interacts with each other at … Continue reading

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FP’s Top 100 Global Thinkers

Not sure how John McCain ended up in the same article as Desmond Tutu or Paul Farmer, but a great read nonetheless.

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Can Venture Capital Save The World?

Great Forbes post on Acumen’s impact through a venture capital model traditionally shunned in the NGO world.

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Is Business the New Aid?

Business Fights Poverty

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US Forgives Indonesian Debt in Rainforest Conservation Pact

US forgives over $30M in debt in exchange for rainforest conservation plan with Indonesia. Nice.

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Off-Grid Renewables Beating Out Fossil Fuels in Remote Africa

Faced with decrepit electricity grids, expensive diesel generators with high fuel and maintenance costs, and a shockingly large population still without access to energy, small-scale renewable energy has sparked a … Continue reading

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